Coming Attractions

I was going to call this entry Smooch – Smooch Kiss-y-face, probably because of the moive title “Faster Pussy Cat, Kill – Kill”. But on consideration, I did not want to detract from what should be said. March 2008 will see my work appearing in The Boston Literary Magazine, Door Knobs and Body Paint, eMuse-zine, and Six Sentences. I wish to thank these editors as well as editors who have published me over the last few months. I especially am very grateful to people who are kind enough to find the time to give insightful, specific, well considered advice and criticism whether they publish me or not. Thank you to the following people and publications.

Robin: The Boston Literary Magazine.
Jen: Creative Soup.
Leila: Door Knobs & Body Paint.
Llewellyn: eMuse-zine.
and C.M.: Pen Pricks Microfiction.
Rob: Six Sentences.
and Shelly Rae: Tuesday Shorts. And most of all,
Gemma: The Museum of Rain

Sincerely, Doug Mathewson