Six For Phil

You told the cops she committed suicide with your gun on a first date, oh Phil why, I know you are so crazy but why oh why did you kill The Barbarian Queen?

Growing up I played handball against your wall of sound, Phil, and even dressed like you, my sister cut my hair styled and layered long like yours, my Mother cut down my thrift store suits to be Edwardian and slim like yours.

But it was the music that mattered most of all, Phil, it changed how I played, and how I listen still, but you got so damn crazy and people turned away.

You know Ronnie loved you, she really did, and the music you made together was a love supreme, but you just got too crazy Phil, and she was scared and had to run, so now who’s fault was that do you think, surly not The Barbarian Queen’s?

Please can we play one song together (before you’re locked away so tight), me doing the backup and playing your big white Steinway, and Phil you singing Ronnie’s part , and we’ll do it, I swear for all we’re worth:

“So won’t you please”
(“be my, be my,”)
“Be my little baaby”
(“my one and only baby”)
“Say you’ll be my darlin’”
(“be my, be my”)
“Be my baby now”
(“my one and only baby”)
“Whoa, oh,oh,oh”
Lyrics and music to fade