Empty Threat

“Wait till your father gets home! Just you wait!” Mrs. Gandhi was so angry
with her eldest son she could hardly speak. Her voice skipped up two octaves up and with eyes flashing she continued. “Smoking cigarettes in the train station all day and not going to school! Have you no respect! Have you no shame? And drinking! Oh what will become you my son, when you have nothing! And nothing is all you shall have without an education!”
“I am so angry with you Harilal I can hardly speak at all!!!” Wait till your father The
Mahatma gets home! He will beat you severely, which is what you so deserve!!!
“My dad beat me,” thought young Harilal Gandhi,  “like that’s going to happen.”

by-Doug Mathewson

*Sadly Harilal, oldest of Mahatma Gandhi’s four sons did not follow a life of political activism as his parents and three younger brothers did. His alcoholism and depression led to his arrest on numerous occasions for public drunkenness,  promoting prostitution, embezzlement, and fraud.