Smoothie City

Blenders run day and night here at “Smoothie City.” Something’s gone way wrong with the electric down our end (“the bad end”) of the mall. Just one toggle of a blender’s switch and the mall’s crappy PA muzak speakers snarl and howl in creature-feature demonic possessed agony!

Sometimes that’s ok, like “All Punk, All Ages, Spit In Your Smoothie Night,” why it just adds to the fun! But not so good for “Generic Disney Princess High Tea.” Wall to wall tiny pouty lips and folded arms is all you’ll get from this crew of cranky parlor princesses.

But The “Overnight Smoothie Smorgasbord” (one size, one flavor, all vegan) with the ambient sounds of “Moby”? Funny crowd, this one could go either way.

by Doug Mathewson