Fast Lane

Arizona Highway,
Ford Crown Vic coming up fast.
Hair just flying out the window!
Woman’s got a heavy foot.
Passed me better than a hundred,
Oh, ….. it’s the Tribal Police.

Like many of my stories this is accurate and true with only the exceptions being the parts that are pretend. My sister had taken up with some damned fiddle player,and she wanted to got to Tucson early to see his band play in some broke-down bar. More fiddling going on I knew than what he was up to with his Walmart Stradivarius, but that’s none of mine as they say. Now mostly she goes to the farmer’s market next town over.  Sells a little produce off back of her old truck. Now there was a problem. A problem for me, her little brother to solve. That thirty year old farm truck won’t make any seventy – eighty miles south to Tucson. So there I was with my Toyota full of her cantaloupes and peppers right up to the roof, just driving along, when this incident took place. Thought they was going to the casino or some fool place.
So like I say, all true. Well all but I never had a Toyota, or them cantaloupes either, or to be honest a sister. Don’t even live out that way to tell the truth.  – Doug