People Smart

Finally! Kitty thought. Finally, finally, finally! Something that works for a change.
Since arriving in Brooklyn after a tour of duty, well most of tour of duty, with the Jamaican Space Navy, Kitty hadn’t had much luck. She just couldn’t seem to catch a trendy trend at the right time to make a few bucks.
She was too late for the cup-cake craze, even though peddling them from a rickshaw was cute. She setup her store front as a dance school and called it “The Mambo Academy of Kitty Wang”. It should have worked being both obscure and ironic. Two
sure-fire hipster hits. Maybe the timing was wrong, maybe the place didn’t look DIY enough. Who could say?
In a half hearted effort to make rent she sold artisanal beers out of a cooler, and let her patrons play their own vinyl on her thrift store record player. But the locals who came
in mostly played with their phones and didn’t seem into the concept. As a joke
(or maybe not) she put a sandwich board out front that said:

“Smart-phone night every Saturday”
“All Smart-phones drink for free!”
(people $20)

She even offered a safe rides program. Any phone that had one too many
was given a free ride home from her upstairs neighbor a vegan bicycle messenger (people $20).