News from the world of indie publication

For the last four years or so I have been running a small quarterly lit mag named
Blink-Ink. It is fifty word fiction with some photography. It is fun and exciting
but I wanted to try something new. This week we will be mailing a broadsheet called
“The Mambo Academy of Kitty Wang”. Kitty has been in a few stories I have written,
and she may well turn up in more. Broadsheets have been around worldwide for hundreds
of years. Most recently I have been impressed by “Graffiti Kolkata” published by
my friend Subhankar Das in Calcutta India. This “First Dance” issue includes the work
of Robert Masterson, Jim Wittenberg, Rafael Gonzalez, and myself. The first run of 250
is going out this week. Anyone who would like a copy, while supplies last, just email
me at doug dot mathewson at yahoo dot com. Wish us luck!