Tea Time

Tea Time
“Don’t put your tea where the cats can get it.”
“Oh, they must like the milk.”
“Yes, yes they adore having milk.”
I agreed but knew it was the caffeine they were after.
How else could they tear around the house all night?
Doug Mathewson

Emily and Frida

We are very fortunate to have a pair of young kitten sisters in our house. We adopted then in early Oct. of 2016 when they were about five moths old. They are petite tuxedo cats and bring us great joy and companionship. They are named for Canadian painter Emily Carr, and Frida You-know-who.


Watching our black and white kittens shred the laces out of
my black Converse high-tops. Joey Ramone would be so proud.

Doug Mathewson


I’m glad we joined Amazon Prime so the cats get a new box to play with every couple of days.

Doug Mathewson